About Our Microgreens


Our system is simple. Light and pure water, that's it. We don't use solutions, herbicides and pesticides, and we only use seeds that are of the highest quality. Good quality greens don't have to be complicated.


Our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment. Our grow room is thoroughly maintained, and we use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), because we know that our standards must be as high as yours.


Our greens are sold living. That's right, we don't cut them. They are transferred directly to you still in their trays, living. Why do we do this? Well, we want you, and your clients, to experience the full delicious and nutritious experience of getting the closest food to farm experience possible.

The System

Our system comes to us straight from City Hydro, The Vertical Farm based out of Baltimore, MD. Larry and Zhanna spent years perfecting their system, and now they are helping farmers like myself create a product that we are proud to stand behind.


While we don't have the distinction of being certified Organic, we work as if we are. Everything we use in our system is food grade and organic when ever possible. We use pure water, and no harmful pesticides, herbicides, or any other 'cides'. Everything that we do, we do with a purpose, and the purpose is to provide the safest, best tasting, and nutritious microgreens possible.

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